Structural steel: the choice for construction industry

September 14th, 2015

Structural steel: the choice for construction industry

Nowadays steel plays a key role in the contemporary societies: it is the preferred material for many industrial sectors, as well as a key solution in terms of sustainability. Let’s consider, for example, the mechanical machinery industry or the automotive sector where steel accounts about 14.5% and 12% (respectively) of the world global production. As well as the construction industry which is the most important steel-using sector: according to World Steel Association, structural steels (including all usages) represents more than 50% of the steel world production (2014). A unique material in terms of mechanical properties, as well as a sustainable choice for modern architecture in terms of efficiency, durability flexibility and recyclability. The efficiency of structural steels, as well as their durability, is deeply connected to mechanical properties: it is a stronger material than others and can also count on a much higher strength to weight ratio. The result is lighter buildings (or structures) that equals to less extensive and costly foundations. Moreover, all these mechanical properties remain stable over time and are guaranteed within a certified production chain. Steel is a material that can absorb seismic energy when supported by architectural specific details, thanks to its intrinsic resistance. Furthermore, can be successfully combined with other construction materials (e.g. glass) to design and create architectural solutions representing an impressive fusion of aesthetic, reliability and technology. Last but not least, steel is 100% recyclable and sustainable (in terms also of energy/water consumption). Due to all these properties, steel is a very functional and adaptable material. Among the key player within the steel industry on a global level, Marcegaglia is one of the leading group: within its certified production chain the group carries out the complete range of first transformation developing a wide range of steel semi-products and finished goods. Materials that can be used in an extensive range of construction applications: for structures and roofing, large-span bridges and infrastructural construction, industrial and residential architecture. Other applications in the sector include piling, scaffolding and shoring systems. Carbon steel hot rolled, cold rolled and galvanized flat products are characterized by specific mechanical properties in particular a high elastic limit (which means high mechanical strength) as well as excellent toughness and weldability. Features that make these steels suitable for structural works from light to heavy ones – also including infrastructural applications – civil buildings (public and private works) up to urban decoration. Also presenting key added values such as for the pre-painted products: sophisticated materials with intrinsic architectural and aesthetic characteristics both for direct usage as well as for further applications as the manufacturing of sandwich insulated panels for roofing and wall or insulated panels for sectional doors. Marcegaglia structural steel: flat products Pickled, hot-dip galvanized, cold-rolled coils and strips

  • Manifacturing standards: EN 10025-2 – EN 10025-5 – EN 10346

Black, pickled, hot-dip galvanized sheets

  • Manifacturing standards: EN 10025-2 – EN 10346
  • Higher thickness capability of zinc coating up to 800 g/sqm combine excellent surface quality and better protection levels.

Heavy (quarto) plates

  • Manufacturing standard: ASTM

Pre-painted coils, strips and sheets

  • Manufacturing standard: EN 10169
  • More than 25 standard painting systems, new expanded and wrinkled finishes for architectural.

Also carbon steel tubes (round and shaped) find a variety of applications within the construction industry. They are versatile and efficient, ductile and well performing in terms of mechanical properties (strength, weight ratio, resistance). This is the reason why the most spectacular building and structural work, today, are made by structural steel tubes. The applications in the sector include: civil buildings, infrastructural work such as bridges, steel structures, piling, scaffolding and shoring systems. Marcegaglia structural steel: structural tubes (hollow sections) Round and shaped

  • Manufacturing standard: EN 10219 (CE homologation)
  • thickness 0,3 / 16 mm
  • diameter 8 / 16 mm

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