Automotive: Marcegaglia bet on advanced high strength steels (AHSS)

May 9th, 2016

Automotive: Marcegaglia bet on advanced high strength steels (AHSS)

Auto: a future of steel?

A question that found a clear and positive answer during the Congress held on April 28th (organized by ANFIA and Siderweb) that has shown the possibility of wide growth and improvement margins on the production side. Considering the EU market, the automotive segment has reached the 2007 levels with a continuous growth of vehicles manufactured and a positive increasing trend of processing units in Europe. Mainly focusing on advanced high strength steel that respond positively – both in terms of production and performances – to the requirements of the sector: weight/energy efficiency, safety and costs. These are the AHSS steels: dual-phase (DP600, DP800 and DP1000), TRIP steels (transformation induced plasticity) and TWIP steels (twinning induced plasticity) that proven high mechanical resistances and, at the same time, high elongation until fracture levels. Moreover, these steels guarantee a positive equilibrium in terms of cost/weight/resistance assuring high levels of forming capability as well as good performances of energy absorption in a crash situation. Today, Marcegaglia Carbon Steel, within its unit in Ravenna, the main manufacturing plant dedicated to carbon steel flat and intermodal logistic hub for all group’s activities, is betting on the increase of the production of hot-dip galvanized DP600 steels, manufactured according to EN 10346, and, counting on the internal R&D team, on the higher grades DP800 and CP800. Steels that allows on one side the vehicle weight reduction, actively contributing to the carbon dioxide emission reduction (as regulated by the EU), guaranteeing, on the other side, the maximum safety. Besides, the hot-dip galvanizing process allows higher durability in terms of corrosion resistance and better performances in the long period.


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