Roofing and simple walling
Roofing and simple walling: solution foreseen when exclusively water, snow and wind proofing is required as well as resistance to the impact of hail.
Floors with collaborating sheets
The Marcegaglia system for floors, with collaborating plates features
EGB 210 – EGB 1001 – EGB 1200 – EGB 2000®  elements, depending on the load and on the requested span width, and a C20/25 concrete casting according to the listing by Eurocode 2.
Worked sheet is made collaborating with the casting through impressions capable of anchoring the casting impeding it from both longitudinal and vertical detachment. In particular, in the EGB 2000® sheet, apart from the impressions, the dovetail ribbing provides maximum adherence between the sheet and the concrete.
The loft system is completed by the application 2 cm from the concrete extrados of an electro-welded net, whose standard dimensions (minimum) are provided afterwards and whose function is load distribution and inhibit the formation of cracks. In case of patterns with more bearings an armature “in negative” can be added so as to increase the lofts bearing capacity. The additional tables for the mentioned cases are provided. It is also possible to add an armature “in positive”, which is not included in these tables since not included in the standard construction scheme. Buckle steel plates can be supplied only in galvanized condition.

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