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Marcegaglia dedicated range of carbon steel tubes for the refrigeration industry is manufactured according to the specific sector norms and tolerances. The production is thoroughly tested to allow use in applications such as condensers and evaporators for heating and cooling systems and household appliances.Versatility, economy and high corrosion resistance complete the features of Marcegaglia steel refrigeration tubes.

The fabrication process is carried out within the manufacturing units of Forlì in Italy as well as in Garuva (Marcegaglia do Brasil).

Diameter mm Nominal Weight g/m
4,75 70
5 74
6 91
6,35 98
8 126
9,50 152
  • Outside diameter tolerance: nominal ±0,1 mm
  • Wall thickness tolerance +0,05 mm / -0,10 mm
GRADE EN 10305-3 +CR1 S3 E190 +N
SURFACE APPEARANCE Non-coated condition is supplied with slight surface oil and protected ends in order to allow the storage of tubes in proper warehouses and for a reasonable period of timeZinc coating with minimum thickness above 7 µ, equivalent to 50 g/m2, in order to ensure red rust corrosion resistance in salt spray equal to 48 hours, measured according to ISO 9227
INTERNAL CLEANNESS AND HUMIDITY Guaranteed according to reference norm limits DIN 8964
GUARANTEED MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Tensile strenght ≥ 300 MPa RmYield point ≥ 180 MPa R0.2Percentage elongation at break L0=5,65 √S0 ≥ 25% R0.2
EXPANDING TEST The test length of tube that is expanded by an internal mandrel over a length of about 10÷12 mm reaching an increase of the outside diameter up to 20% over the nominal size, must not show any cracking on visual inspection.
BENDING TEST A test length of tube is wound around a mandrel the diameter of which is six times the tube’s outside diameter, without developing any crack or leak.
FLATTENING TEST After flattening, the longitudinal section of a test length of non fin-cut tube, measuring about 50÷60 mm by crushing tubes, must not show any split or crack of the welding area. The flattening is done by crushing tubes between two parallel surfaces.
Quality controls executed on each coil during manufacturing
DOMESTIC MARKET * Coils are supplied on wooden pallets (expendable) or on galvanised steel pallets (to be returned). They are laid with wraps parallel to the pallet surface, compactly wound. Wraps are clamped and secured by suitable straps in three or four points. The maximum weight for each pallet is about 2500 kg. Cold-rolled strip coils are protected with anti-oxidation oil.
FOR EXPORT * Cold-rolled strip compactly wound coils with anti-oxidation oil are supplied in V.C.I. bag. Coils are laid with wraps parallel to the pallets surface, compactly wound. Wraps are clamped by suitable straps in three points.
* Each pallet and each coil is marked with an identification tag allowing complete traceability of the product

• All pallets are protected from dust
with cardboard packaging

• Non-standard packaging is developed according to customer request

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