A wide range of standard and special colours, specifically chosen for the needs of civil and industrial construction projects, insulated panels, for the creation of architectural solutions offering an intelligent blend of safe construction, technology and beauty.

Panels can be manufactured in all RAL and NCS colour ranges, or in customised colours on request.


RAL1015 RAL 1015 light ivory *
RAL3000 RAL 3000 flame red *•
RAL3009 RAL 3009 oxide red *
RAL5010 RAL 5010 gentian blue *
RAL5015 RAL 5015 sky blue *•
RAL6005 RAL 6005 moss green *•
RAL6011 RAL 6011 reseda green *•
RAL7016 RAL 7016 anthracite grey *
RAL7022 RAL 7022 umbra grey *•
RAL7035 RAL 7035 light grey *
RAL8017 RAL 8017 chocolate brown *
RAL9002 RAL 9002 grey white *
RAL9006 RAL 9006 white aluminium *
RAL9010 RAL 9010 pure white *

* similar to       • availability Milano plant


architectural-finish-coatings-stone-wall Stone wall
50253554 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-standstone Sandstone
50256234 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-woodboard Cherry woodboard
50257189 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-dark-walnut Dark walnut
50257269 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-light-walnut Light walnut
50255160 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-dark-mahogany Dark mahogany
50256301 PVC
architectural-finish-coatings-steel-effect Weathering steel effect
50253604 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-nickel Nickel plated aluminum
50253603 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-coppo-light Coppo antique light
50253602 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-coppo-dark Coppo antique dark
50253601 PET
architectural-finish-coatings-coppo-siracusano Coppo siracusano
50254137 PET