Marcegaglia Poland: important change in invoicing method

December 11th, 2020

Marcegaglia Poland: important change in invoicing method

Marcegaglia Poland sp.z.o.o announces a change in the method of invoicing for all carbon steel hollow sections and tubes produced at its plant in Kluczbork.

Starting from January 2021 the sales of welded tubes will be invoiced in metres.

This change will take place in order to align Marcegaglia Poland with the other European Markets and the rest of the organisation.

Kluczbork plant produces round, square and rectangular carbon steel welded precision tubes; structural round, square and rectangular tubes; round tubes for pressure purposes, pipelines and the conveyance of water; semioval, oval and elliptical carbon steel welded tubes.

Carbon steel welded tubes are developed in specific sizes, with a thickness from 0.8 mm now up to 8.00 mm. Round tubes have a diameter from 12 mm to 168,3 mm; square tubes measure from 10×10 mm to 125×125 mm; rectangular tubes measure from 15×10 mm to 160×100 mm / 180 x 80 mm.

The fabrication process is carried out according to all main manufacturing standards: EN 10305-3 (round and shaped precision tubes), EN 10305-5 (square and rectangular precision tubes), EN 10219 (cold formed welded structural tubes, with CE homologation), EN 10210-1 (structural hollow sections of non-alloy and fine grain steels, hot finished or cold formed and heat treated), EN 10217-1 (tubes for pressure purposes, for use at room temperature) and EN 10217-2 (tubes for pressure purposes, for use at high temperatures).

The main application of Marcegaglia carbon steel welded tubes are structural works, pressure purposes and long-distance heating systems, mechanical and automotive, agricultural, furniture industry, fitness equipment and radiators.

Marcegaglia Poland can also have the support of the Italian production in terms of size range and products, in order to satisfy all the possible customers’ demands in Poland.

Marcegaglia is the leading industrial group worldwide in the steel processing sector, with a turnover of more than 5.5 billion euros. The group has operations worldwide with 6,600 employees, 60 sales offices and 28 steel plants and 6.2 million tons of steel processed yearly, serving more than 15,000 customers.

Marcegaglia is the 1st producer of carbon steel welded tubes in Europe.


Ligota Dolna – ul. Przemysłowa 1
46-200 Kluczbork, Poland
phone +48 77 45 98 200
fax +48 77 45 98 201

ul. Kaliska 72 – 46-320
Praszka – Poland
phone +48 34 350 15 00
fax +48 34 350 15 01

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