Marcegaglia Poland: carbon steel strips for different sectors needs

September 2nd, 2020

Marcegaglia Poland: carbon steel strips for different sectors needs

More and more companies are choosing Marcegaglia Poland carbon steel strips to meet the growing demand of the market.


Carbon steel strips produced in the Kluczbork plant can be of different types (pickled, cold-rolled or galvanized) and have different mechanical characteristics, suitable for many industrial sectors. Furthermore it is possible to request additional processing and special grades to meet any customization requirements.


The range of Marcegaglia Poland strips is used in specific industrial applications such as electric motors, shelving and metal furniture, fine blanking, household appliances, radiators, electrical control panels, automotive applications, heat treatments and in other sectors.


The range of carbon steel strips can have different thicknesses (from 0.3 to 6.0 mm), as well as widths (from 30.0 to 1,500 mm). The inside (508-610 mm) and maximum outside diameter (2,150 mm) can have different thicknesses, produced upon request.


The production efficiency of Marcegaglia Poland, supported by the use of the most advanced technologies, allows the plant to guarantee just-in-time deliveries and a consolidated pre-sales and after-sales service to many sectors, offering a wide and diversified range of quality carbon steel strips.


Ligota Dolna – ul. Przemysłowa 1
46-200 Kluczbork, Poland
phone +48 77 45 98 200
fax +48 77 45 98 201

ul. Kaliska 72 – 46-320
Praszka – Poland
phone +48 34 350 15 00
fax +48 34 350 15 01

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