Intelligent lines in Ravenna with the MasterModel project

October 28, 2019

Intelligent lines in Ravenna with the MasterModel project 

The MasterModel project that Marcegaglia has implemented in the  manufacturing route of Ravenna plant (pickling, rolling and galvanising processes) is an integrated production model that it makes possible to obtain better quality products (thanks to the Tensil-Pro system) and a significant increase in productivity.

The project aim is to connect all the production lines and automate some industrial processes in order to make the cold complex production increasingly smart, with a consequent energy saving.

The fully integrated production cycle uses mathematical models developed on the basis of metallurgical data such as the steel chemical composition, the hot rolled strip microstructure and tensile properties, the cold rolling effect on microstructure, strip textures and the galvanising process conditions.

The MasterModel represents an important global innovation for the realization of a new high-tech production cycle. With the introduction of the MasterModel, the concept of standard operating practice for the production of galvanised products is overcame. This because each coil will be processed with tailored optimal process conditions defined on the basis of its metallurgical peculiarities in order to obtain outstanding functional properties and high uniformity on the whole coil length. These results would not be reached with conventional cycles.

Thanks to this project Marcegaglia undertakes a further step towards the development of Industry 4.0, affirming its leadership with a dynamic approach, oriented towards quality improvement in a targeted and intelligent way.


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