Tensil-Pro: Marcegaglia’s innovative online measuring device is patented

September 6, 2019 

Tensil-Pro: Marcegaglia’s innovative online measuring device is patented

Marcegaglia Carbon Steel has registered a patent for the new Tensil-Pro system, which allows continuous measurement of the tensile properties of steels and the microstructural characteristics of metallic materials.

The Tensil-Pro System, acronym for TENSILe-structure PROperties, is a mathematical model that, through a system of physical equations, is able to evaluate the mechanical and microstructural properties based on data from the skin passing and rolling processes. For this characteristic Tensil-Pro can be applied to both hot and cold rolled strip.

In details the metallurgical properties detected are tensile strength, yield strength, the austenite fraction in the CAL/HDG furnace (by means of Feral equation), the ferrite grain size in the final product, the recrystallized fraction and the martensite fraction (both for two-phase steels and for austenitic stainless steels).

The innovative character of Tensil-Pro is also confirmed by the possibility to use the device also on austenitic stainless steels and aluminium alloys. Currently, for these materials there are no devices able to measure continuously the metallurgical properties listed above.

The model developed for online measurement allows to obtain the desired microstructure through an efficient annealing process, improving the mechanical properties and forming-ability of high strength steels while maintaining a low overall energy consumption.

This patent is the result of constant and continuous research that makes Marcegaglia a forefront market leader by great attention to detail and quality throughout the production process.


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